Thanks for visiting – I specialise in gilding on glass, a technique also known as verre eglomise. A process which uses a layer of gold leaf gilded on to the glass which can also if desired be etched and painted to form beautifully simple or stunningly elaborate decoration. My Studio is based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom where each piece of gilding work is made by hand. I am able to make just one item or a number of unique pieces to go together.  I like to have a good understanding of different clients, be they private, corporate, retail or government customers, and am able to work with your individual requirements and liaise with any interior designer or architect. If you would like to know more about the possibilities please contact me, and tell us about your project.


The main bespoke products I produce are gilded glass mirrors, mirror panels and gilded glass tables. The Items are bespoke and made to order. Occasionally I have some items ready. Time to produce is typically somewhere between 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the project.


New projects big or small are welcome. Please contact me for more information and let me know how I can help.





Glass Gilding Mixed Gold Leaf Mirror and Frame JJ Williams
Glass Gilding JJ Williams United States Flag Gilded Coffee Table
Glass Gilding European Union Meeting Table JJ Williams

Glass Gilded Mirrors


Gilded mirrors are a great way to add something new and different to your interior. Unlike a regular silver backed mirror, gilded mirrors are made up of laying lots of gold leaf on to the back of the glass. From some angles when looking at the mirror you will get to see the beautiful lines of overlap where each leaf was applied by hand on to the glass.


I can provide gilded mirrors to a specific size and in a wide choice of frames. Or large gilded glass panels made to measure without frames. It is the choice of the different leaf used which gives a different colour tone to the reflection you will get in the mirror.


Other options which I can do, include further embellishments to the gilding such as etching out patterns and colouring the patterns with paint or different colour leaf.



Glass gilded tables


We can look to provide a glass panel for an existing table made to size or supply a table that meets your needs to add the glass panel too. with styles from classical to contemporary.






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