Artist JJ Williams Glass Gilding
JJ Williams Glass Gilding Coffee Table Four Colour Gold Leaf
Jeth Williams Glass Gilding European Union Table
JJ Williams Glass Gilding Red Gold Leaf Mirror with Cow Hide Frame

Hi I am Jeff from London and I specialise in gilding on glass. with over 10 years of experience, I can create something unique for you or your client.  Contact me to discuss your requirements.


About Gilding


Gilding is the process of applying a layer of gold or other precious metal to a surface, for the purpose of decoration.  I specialise in gilding glass. The layer to a surface is made up of thin sheets of metal (Leafs) placed together to form a complete layer. Each leaf used is typically 8x8cm. The size of the leaf allows for each product to have a distinctive grid pattern of the leaf that gives it character and identifies it as gilded.


There is a range of real gold leaf available to choose from, and they all have their distinct look and effect in a finished product. The different carat level in the real gold leaf produces different colour tones.  Further embellishments to gilded items are made by combining gilding with etching out the gild and painting.


Gilding has a long history and dates back to ancient time when artisans discovered a way to hammer gold into fine sheets then fix them to objects. Metal leafing appears throughout art history, including use on Byzantine icons and mosaics, as a staple of medieval illuminated manuscripts, and as a widely popular finish for Baroque period sculpture, frames and furniture.  Today, glass gilding is a way of using this beautiful old technique, creatively to make a statement in the modern living place.





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